Benefits of the Cloud!

Where will 9apps make a difference to your Cloud Infrastructure


Your business volume is always moving up and down, never in a straight-line. Your clients require you to be both flexible in terms of storage capacity as well as computing power and database resources. We can provide you with a scalable solution that allows your business to move along all 3 axes, so you do not miss any cost or client satisfaction goals.


Transferring your software workloads to the cloud is a big step. The sense that you lose control is high and therefore we guide you though this proces step by step. Not only the migration process, but also the support on the longer term is essential in keeping the faith. Interested in our 99.99 % availability options?


The AWS cloud is architected to protect your information, identities, applications and devices. Combined with our best practices, you will be able to meet maximum security requirements both in production and development environments.

Pay as you Go!

Having capital tied up into your own datacenter is not the best use of capital when you are expanding.
In the AWS Cloud you only pay for resources when you're actually using them; no licensing, no long term contracts, no termination costs when you stop using them.

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