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Job requirements Senior Cloud Engineer

9apps develops and maintains Cloud Infrastructure on behalf of a challenging group of customers. Because our client base and activities are expanding, a job opportunity is opening up in our team for a senior Cloud Engineer with at least some experience in either Migration and/or DevOps in AWS Cloud domains.

Kantoor | 9apps
Kantoor | 9apps
Kantoor | 9apps
Kantoor | 9apps
Kantoor | 9apps

Your role

9apps is an agile organisation and implementation decisions are short and swift. The senior Cloud engineer in our company will not only be able to take the lead in client engagement and solution discussions, but also acts as a AWS reference point for the Cloud Engineering team.

9apps actively encourages knowledge sharing, on bilateral and team levels to improve overall Team output and quality. Therefore team spirit and experience in working in teams is an essential element in working in this growing company.

We expect a certain amount of autonomy from our team members, because we allow a lot of room for own initiatives and ideas! We build most of our tools in house which makes us more responsive to client and market inputs.

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  • Knowledge and experience at HBO/University level, possibly a degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or equivalent; a degree is not necessary when sufficiently experienced;
  • Experience with AWS or other public cloud environments;
  • 5 or more years of experience in a Cloud domain environment like AWS or Azure;
  • Developer Pro or Architect Pro working level experience would be a plus;
  • Experience with development tools such as but not limited to Puppet, CI/CD and Jenkins;
  • Experience in one or more programming languages like Python, Bash or Java would be a plus;
  • Thorough understanding of networking concepts and Internet protocols;
  • Advanced analytical and technical experience;
  • Experience and ability to hit the ground running and add value immediately

We are aware we are asking quite a lot, so if you feel you can meet part of this challenge, please do not hesitate and respond anyway, we are more than happy to discuss your specific situation and see if your future plans can be made to fit our future plans!

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