Let your cloud developers grow a pair

Let your cloud developers grow a pair

Even from times before we lived in caves, mankind has longed to fly. No wonder, since its thrill of power and freedom is irresistible. Also, things look so much more coherent from a birds-eye view. This is exactly why we want your developers

 to grow a pair and see things from a ‘cloud’ perspective.

Let your cloud developers grow a pair

Footfall data

Without that perspective, you easily assume you’re doing pretty well while in fact there are much better and cheaper alternatives. For example, we came into contact with a company that collects and analyzes so-called footfall data, or visitor numbers and flows, for retailers, municipalities and museums, among others. They do this with a variety of devices including WIFI, infrared and thermal counting devices. The anonymized data captured are increasingly being combined with different data sources, offering their clients better insights that help them to improve overall business performance.

Serverless technologies

They had built an architecture based on an Application Load Balancer, Redis memory cache and an array of EC2 instances feeding data into a large RDS instance (Relational Database Service). Although this configuration functioned reasonably well, it was difficult to scale. On top of that, they had reached a point where they found themselves counting more bills than passers-by. We proposed a solution based on the serverless technologies of AWS Lambda and DynamoDB. This included prior training to make their developers feel at home in AWS infrastructure and functionality.

Cost savings of 70%

Unlike conventional cloud instances, the use of serverless technologies is charged based on CPU and memory resources rather than the time the cloud instance is running. This unveiled a direct correlation between monthly AWS charges and the number of footfalls detected by their WIFI detectors. In the present situation their outgoings are consequently much less and will stay at a low level until normality returns. This design reduced monthly costs by 70%. These technologies also offer a scalable, future proof architecture for the collection, aggregation and reporting of data.

Looking for ways to reach new heights in the AWS cloud environment and ready to take some exciting ‘flying lessons’? Just send an email to contact@9apps.net or call Peter Hoogweg at +31 623 214 500.

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