How to bridge the gap between cloud technology and business needs

How to bridge the gap between
cloud technology and business needs​

Your organization is innovative and, partly thanks to in-house developers, quickly adapts to changing market conditions. Obviously, working in the cloud is second nature. However, THE cloud doesn’t exist, because it changes daily and varies across organizations. Not to mention THE reality that looks different to a developer than to business and operations. Fortunately, there is such a thing as THE party that harmonizes all these things for you.

Cloud infra

Although our company name might suggest otherwise, we don’t develop applications. Instead, we help mid-market companies that do develop software to get from A to B quickly in the cloud. In other words: we take care of cloud infrastructures. You can compare it to the road network that transport companies use to get goods from A to B as efficiently as possible. However, while with road transport you can assume that the same roads will be exactly the same tomorrow, things are quite different in cloud environments. Every day, dozens if not hundreds of new functionalities are added and infrastructures change accordingly.

Bridging the gap between technology and business

As a developer it is virtually impossible to keep your infrastructure knowledge up to par all on your own. What’s more, there is no such thing as a standard infrastructure for all organizations. By almost literally paving the way for software developers and their customers to use these technologies to grow their business in an agile way, we bridge the gap between technology and business. On top of that, we assist developers in exploring the many possibilities of the cloud by moving them to the cloud in the first place.

AWS cloud platform

As enablers of semi-continuous software development we also have ample experience with DevOps in cloud environments with a focus on media, e-learning, travel, medtech and fintech. Since our inception some ten years ago, our cloud infra services have been based on the AWS cloud services platform since AWS offers oceans of freedom and joy to developers in the way they wish to tackle problems. So far, we haven’t had a single moment of regret and nor have our customers.

As we have meanwhile reached the maximum reading time for blogs, we leave you with the promise of providing you with a series of blogs that will be informative, entertaining and downright surprising alternately. So keep a close eye on your mailbox in the months to come…

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