Getting the latest in cloud opportunities first

Getting the latest in cloud opportunities first

Getting the latest in cloud opportunities firstWith the possible exception of company car policies, no topic ignites fiercer debates than dilemma between possibilities and affordability of IT-system innovation.

‘Yes, doubling the development team would absolutely shorten time-to-market, but do we really want to get there broke?’

There appears to be a disturbing relationship between position on the innovation curve and costs. Lagging behind cuts expenses impressively, but at the same time effectively kills the market opportunities you need to thrive. And vice versa. How to determine the optimum position for you?

This dilemma is not unique for tech-based companies. In hospitals it’s the doctors (better care) against management; in advertising it’s the creatives (better ideas) against account directors; in most companies, it’s technology against business professionals.

One could argue that the tension between disciplines is a healthy one, as it keeps everybody on their toes. And indeed, removing such tensions invariably diminishes the agility and competitiveness of the organization. If only we could close the gap over specific issues faster and better, each time they present themselves.

There are basically three strategies to do that: 1 – On an executive level, decide how innovative your company actually wants to be and what price they’re willing to pay for holding that position. This is a profound approach, but not necessarily the quickest; 2 – On a team level there’s the role reversal, a powerful way to spend some time in the other persons shoes. In hospitals like OLVG in Amsterdam, having doctors and managers trade positions for example brought out an unsuspected sense of business responsibility in the medical staff; 3 – The easy way is to chicken out and have someone else solve the problem for you. This actually is a valid opportunity in cloud solutions. Allow us to explain:

The inherent safety and scalability of cloud based applications need no further explanation. Only few readers will remember the days that companies actually owned servers. It’s only logical that the crest of the innovation wave has moved to the cloud as well. Keeping abreast of the latest in cloud developments and the business opportunities that they represent, is a field of professional knowledge in its own right.

As a result, the ability to be innovative no longer requires companies to nurture avant garde IT systems as a core competence. Creating the infrastructure and tooling that enables your developers to keep you surfing the top of the innovation wave, is now an unsourceable capacity.

So, don’t double your development team. Just match the latest cloud technology with your changing business needs. And double the scale of your business.

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