Cartotool Case Study

Cartotool are developing a demographic tool which uses clickable maps to display information on various demographics.

Cartotool Case Study

Company Description: Cartotool is a GIS webapp platform where users of any skill level can create and share web maps with others. The Cartotool tries to focus on being an easy to use tool for visualizing data. There are lots and lots of GIS visualisation tools, but while many provide a rich set of features and functionality, many can be rather complicated to master (i.e. ESRI ArcGIS) for analysts or managers, who don’t have a more specialized GIS/Engineering/Data science background. Many of these tools can also be relatively expensive or have functionality you might not use.

Problem: Cartotool requires a secure, scaleable, cost effective AWS environment that would scale automatically as their user base grows. Cartotool presently have no idea how much data they need to store.

Solution: 9apps developed a micro service solution based on the AWS Fargate service. This service is comparable with a serverless solution as discussed earlier as the user only pays for the processing when a given micro service is active.

Code is delivered to the Fargate container service from GitHub repositories using the CodePipeline component of the AWS CodeStar service.

All data is stored in the AWS Simple Storage System (S3) where the user only pays for the amount of storage used. Further savings are achieved by making use of S3’s Infrequent Access service. Files which are less frequently read are automatically moved to S3 Infrequent Access tier to reduce storage costs further. 

All data is strongly encrypted to AES 256 bit standard using the AWS Key Management Service, the cost of which is negligible.

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The following AWS Services were used in the design:

  • ALB
  • EC2
  • Aurora
  • ECR
  • Cloudformation
  • KMS
  • Codestar
  • S3

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