Aligning business urgency with technology push

Aligning business urgency with technology push

FOMO, the fear of missing out on something that others have or know about, has affected the IT arena as well. This especially applies to the cloud, where dozens of new functionalities are added every day. How do you make sure you too are getting the most out of AWS? No worries: 9apps has your back!

Scalability issues

Even if working in the cloud is second nature to your company, it is virtually impossible to keep pace with rapid developments. After all, you simply lack the time and focus to go after this yourself. Your software developers probably know all about it, too. If they themselves do not (yet) run into scalability issues or other trouble, then they see other companies exploiting certain business opportunities better than they do (and no doubt at lower costs). Where do you start to get your business riding the tech wave with the best of them?

Aligning business urgency with technology push

Scale up to 24/7 with business running at full throttle

A renowned fintech company offering an online product brokerage platform knocked on our door for help. The company operates on a complex IT infrastructure in the cloud and has a semi-continuous development need. They were already using the AWS platform but were experiencing manageability and scalability issues with their current CI/CD implementation. The best way forward was to build a completely new AWS platform, based on current best practices that would provide horizontal scalability and improve security.

Completed in 4 weeks

Owing to the CodeBuild and CodePipeline components from AWS CodeStar, the newly designed platform integrates seamlessly with the client’s GitHub code storage system. The new environment, which was successfully implemented in four weeks without any interruptions, also encompasses a unit test system to ensure beforehand that any new release updates work correctly in the production environment. By replacing the EC2 instances with the AWS Fargate compute engine, which only charges for actual CPU usage rather than instance run time, we helped them save money on the fly.

Happy camper

You can be a ‘happy camper’ too by simply continuing to provide your latest features to your customers without having to worry about availability, scalability and other hassle. Even if you insist on keeping the support role to yourself, it is good to know that we are more than willing to train you and your staff and make sure you are all up to par.

Are you serious about going 24/7? 9apps has your back. And a T-shirt to show you’re serious about it. Contact us. At best your business takes off. At worst, all you got was a T-shirt.

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