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Burn Rate Too High? Performance Too Low?

9apps can understand businesses first want design and build their own AWS Cloud environment. It is fun, simple and cheap at first glance and AWS provides you with free credits. However, after 6 months you may find yourself in a situation where you burned through all your credits and your run rate is much higher than you calculated! 9apps can “right size” your infra and make it cost less and do more, we have the experience and we have the knowledge. 

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Cloud Support

This is where 9apps puts its motto into practice, 9apps has you back! You develop your business ideas, make sure your latest features are available to your customers and you do not have to worry about availability, scalability but just your business goals!

Even if you decide you want to try and take on the support role yourself, no problem. We train you and your staff and make sure you are uptown the task, we will always be there to answer you questions! Interested? Let us know!

Cloud Migration

Tired of discussing downtime, performance “issues” or just curious about the potential of cloud for your business? We help you grow your business with cloud infrastructure as a business enabler based on reliable, scalable and foremost cost-effective solutions. Want to discuss your cloud options?   

Cloud Optimization

Happy in the cloud but slightly worried about the way your cost are growing? We can provide the monitoring and have code ready that will help you control your cost, and as we go along, provide solutions that can actually save you money!


Looking for that seamless transition of your latest developments to your production stacks? We can not only provide you with the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline to do so, but we can also help your organisation to control this proces through our “CORE” principles. 

Startup Stack

Are you a Startup and have either little or no experience with AWS? We have a product for you to kick-start your IT needs and instantly obtain a secure, controlled cloud environment for developing your business ideas.

With our very easy Startup Stack, Startups can kick-start their AWS cloud needs. A simple workflow will let you select the basic features you need for a safe and cost controlled AWS cloud environment. Now you can start focusing on developing your business idea!

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